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In Focus: Chainzone amazes the In Focus: Chainzone amazes the 2022 Roads & Traffic ExpoRoads & Traffic Expo

On October 27, the two-day Roads & Traffic Expo passed off successfully at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Thailand. This exhibition showcased solutions about infrastructure construction, intelligent transportation system, road safety, parking, rail transportation and other professional fields, providing a good communication channel for exhibitors and visitors from Thailand, southeastern Asia, and even the world. Chainzone (Foshan) Technology Co., Ltd. (known as Chainzone) is a world leading supplier for LED intelligent traffic, intelligent display and intelligent lighting system solutions. In spite of the global pandemic, a Chainzone elite team, which is composed of personnel from business department and technology department, actively showed up in the expo with self-developed intelligent transportation products and road systems, winning close attention and wide praises from both customers and audience. At the exhibition, Chainzone’s variable message sign (VMS) using self-developed Lens on Board tech draws a large crowd. This VMS adopts the design of ‘no mask + lens’, utilizing optical lens technology to achieve secondary light distribution by changing the light path of LED light, so that the light will be concentrated and projected into an effective viewing area. This design helps free the entire screen from dust and snow and achieve self-cleaning effects, making the VMS clear and accessible in the face of extreme weather, such as heavy rain and snow, and providing efficient equipment support for the construction of intelligent traffic.   Chainzone acted against the wind under the epidemic, showing the bravery and perseverance of Chainzone team to the world, and creating an opportunity to provide customers and audience with a close-up display of intelligent traffic products and services. Can’t wait to see you again. See you next year!  

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Responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, Chainzone Makes Contribution to Qatar Transportation Development

FIFA World Cup 2022 is soon to be held in Qatar. As the host of this event, Qatar is eager to develop to be an internationalized city, while smart transportation construction is a significant part of this grand feat. Chainzone has provided highway traffic flow guidance systems to 4 highways, including Mesaimeer, Duhail, D Ring, and Framework, in Qatar. Recently, Chainzone provided 70 sets of variable message signs (VMS) with lens, energizing the development of intelligent transport in Qatar. There is continuous high temperature throughout the year in Qatar, so Chainzone has more far-seeing consideration in product design. Chainzone’s VMS adopts high protection level with IP66 and aluminium alloy cabinets, which can guarantee normal operation even under extreme weather. Meanwhile, VMS applying the technology of lens on board (LOB technology) would have lower power consumption than the traditional products and reduce the unnecessary depletion of the LED, which can greatly prolong the useful life span of the product. Additionally, the VMS products in this project adopt the LOB technology with the full-colour optical design which guarantee clear traffic indication to reduce traffic jam and prevent traffic accidents in complex situations. The deep cooperation of the Belt and Road between Qatar and China makes a great contribution to the relationship of the strategic partners of the 2 nations. Chainzone will keep giving full play to its technological advantages and promoting the upgrade of the intelligent transport system development. At the same time, Chainzone, as a national enterprise with a sense of responsibility, will always strengthen quality construction, upgrade service and make progress in the development of the Belt and Road between Qatar and China.  

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Step into European Stadium, Imposa’s LED Display Cheers for the Games

With the curtain of the Olympic Winter Games of Beijing coming down in 2022, the global sports industry sees a worldwide wave of sports. Gained numerous favour and attention, the sports industry has incredible business value. Sports games are shining brilliantly! Europe, one of the most developed areas of global sports industry, won great attention from UEFA (the European League of Football). Imposa actively energized the development of European sports and the upgrade of the industry. Imposa provides professional sport display solutions with astonishing visual enjoyment to stadiums in France, Turkey and other European countries. La Defense Arena, located in Paris, France, is a comprehensive egg-shaped stadium. It can provide 3 different configuration sites. For example, the configuration of rugby can provide up to 30,681 seats Imposa provides 2 outdoor Led display solutions (Size 117㎡each) to Paris La Defense Arena, which can show advertising, games flow and real-time competitions. Inside the stadium, Imposa provides a giant sports LED screen, which overall length exceeds 377 meters. This solution has the characteristic of high contrast, high refresh rate and ultra-wide field vision, which can vivid and delicate pictures. This work is regarded as the trendy benchmark for international sports venues. What’s worth keeping an eye on is the Olympic Summer 2024 which the swimming contest will be held here. In Olympique PARC Stadium in Lyon, France, Imposa’s sport LED solution won the approval of UEFA and lit up the passion of the audience by providing gorgeous visual enjoyment and added splendour to the sports games. The Vodafone Arena in Turkey, the home court of Besiktas, the Turkish football team, can seat 30,000+ audience. Imposa’s sport display will improve the experience of the audience with colorful vivid pictures and provide good quality display effect to energize the splen

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Walking into Austria, ChainZONE energizes the international cooperation between China and Austria

In 2021, ChainZONE entered the Austrian traffic market and successfully provided more than 200 sets of tunnel traffic information guidance signs for Amberg tunnel in accordance with EN12966 European standard. The information signs installed by ChainZONE in Austria help local traffic construction, ensure orderly traffic operation and ease traffic pressure. The Amberg Tunnel, one of the most important tunnels in Austria, is located in Feldkirch, connecting the Rheinta, Walgau highway and other important traffic sections. In this project, ChainZONE provides a series of intelligent traffic signal products including lane control signs, variable message signs, variable speed limit signs, and develops an efficient tunnel traffic guidance system solution for the Amberg Tunnel.     Due to the severe cold and hot weather conditions in Feldkirsch, which makes higher demands on signal products of ChainZONE with great quality to ensure that they can still run reliably under the conditions of heavy snow and summer rainstorm, so as to improve the capacity of the tunnel, alleviate traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents. The variable message sign with optical lens adopts a unique lens design to achieve the self-cleaning effect with no dust and no snow on the surface, and the lens realizes light path control by focusing the beam, showing a powerful warning effect.     ChainZONE has also been taking actions to pursue environmental protection and low consumption in materials and processes and realize continuous optimization of products, so as to actively energize the international cooperation between China and Austria.  

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ChainZONE Unlocks New Gameplay of Intelligent Public Transport in Netherlands

The strong network of public transport system in the Netherlands gives local people great convenience in traveling. Dutch people have a strong sense of environmental protection, so they like to travel by public transportation. Moreover, Dutch people attach great importance to the timeliness, even if they often take public transportation, they will not allow themselves to be late or miss an appointment, which promotes the continuous development of the developed public transportation network in the Netherlands.                        The LED platform screen of ChainZONE is particularly dazzling in a bus shelter in the Netherlands. The elegant design integrates with the bus shelter to provide clear information and guidance for passengers. Considering the rainfall in the Netherlands, ChainZONE provides aluminum frame structure of the LED platform screen, with protection grade IP65, ensuring corrosion-resistant performance in rainy, foggy and smoggy weather.     It has automatic brightness control function to ensure that passengers can read the vehicle information clearly with the comfortable vision, which can the flexibly switch in various situations, quickly respond to the vehicle operation information, and greatly improve the travel efficiency.     ChainZONE combines the actual scene with local conditions to provide smart transportation solutions that are highly integrated with the local public transportation system in the Netherlands, comprehensively improving people's travel efficiency and freedom, and promoting the construction of smart transportation city in the Netherlands.  

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